Business Computer Recycling


  • Inventory Audit Reports
  • Secure Data Removal
  • Nonexporting Recycler
  • EPA Compliant
  • Local Pick-up Available
  • Cost Effective Recycling

Corporations and other companies are the largest part of our business composing of 70% of our equipment recycled. Recycle Techs is a secure and cost-effective way to get rid of your retired computers and office equipment safely and efficiently. We are an EPA compliant recycler which means we will recycle your equipment properly without exporting anything to another country.

One benefit of recycling your computers is the office space that you save. No more cluttered rooms full of obsolete office equipment. Also, why waste your company's valuable time and money trying to resell or dispose of your obsolete office equipment. Recycle Techs is a cost-effective way to remove those retired computers and office equipment while conforming to EPA standards.

Recycle Techs is an approved Washington State E-waste collector. We are working with Washington State to be providing free recycling of computer towers, monitors, and televisions. This program is available for all Washington State residents and all Washington State businesses with fewer than 50 employees. Out of state or larger businesses will not be eligible for this program and will be charged regular rates for recycling. This program will not allow us to dismantle participating equipment in-house. Items will go to a Washington State approved precious metal extractor which will dismantle the units and securely destroy the hard drives.

Data security is one of our main priorities at Recycle Techs. We do a secure data removal of all drives before any remanufacturing of a unit is done. Our company uses up to date software to securely remove all data from your hard drives and other storage devices. We do NOT simply format or fdisk drives which is proven over and over to not remove data. There are 3 different security options that you can choose from.

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We offer pickup in The Spokane, Washington area.  If you are located outside of the eastern Washington and northern Idaho area, we can help locate a shipping company to deliver your equipment.